Adult Public Speaking

Everyone has to stand up and talk infront of other people at some point in their lives. For some it is easy, but for most of us the idea of lots of people staring at us whilst we try to look confident fills us with dread.

At the RBL Public Speaking Classes you'll learn how to improve in a fun, low-pressure public speaking class. 

In these lessons we will help you to learn how to structure your ideas, how to engage your audience and how to cope with nerves.

Whether you wish to gain confidence at work, practise a best man's speech or just practise your English, then these classes will help you. There is no pressure to take a LAMDA exam unless you want to. You can simply come along and take part.

Lessons are charged at £10.50 a class and are billed termly in 10 week terms.

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Spring term dates 2020

Week 1 14th Jan

Week 2 21st Jan

Week 3 28th Jan

Week 4 4th Feb


Week 5 11th Feb

H/Term 17th- 21st Feb

Week 6 25th Feb

Week 7 3rd Mar

Week 8 10th Mar

Week 9 (Parents Watching Week) 17th Mar

Week 10 24th Mar


LAMDA Exam 22nd/30th March

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